What Homeowners Say

"...My Cavco home is wonderfully strong..."

"I am an owner of a Cavco home and boy, do I have a story to tell. I teach school and when I went to my fourth day of school this year, August 24, 2017 I knew there was a storm in the Gulf and was to hit below Corpus Christi, TX. During the school day I started noticing parents coming to pick up their students. About 12:00 p.m. the principal came over the announcements telling us we would be getting out at 2:00 p.m. and would not have school on the 25th. The teachers were still in the dark about what was going to happen. Soon we learned the hurricane had turned and was coming toward Rockport, TX. Oh, forgot to say, I teach in Rockport, TX. When I got off of duty, I went home packed a few things, had no lumber to board up any windows or secure my home in any way besides putting away some lawn furniture and porch furniture before I left to go ride out the storm in San Antonio. I was glued to the weather channel. All I could think about was my new home I had purchased in May of that year and how I loved it. Waiting to see what was going to happen made me sick to my stomach. As I was watching the TV I saw them stop the heat sensitive picture of the hurricane and the announcer said the eye of the hurricane was going directly over the Lamar Peninsular in Rockport. My home is on the Lamar Peninsular. That was one of the longest nights I endured. On Sunday my neighbor went to Lamar and called to tell me my house was still standing. I was so relieved, but needed to see for myself. On Tuesday, August 29th, I came home. I was so relieved when I walked into my house and it was perfect. I lost a few shingles and the skirting and that is all! No broken windows, no leaks, no falling sheetrock, no wind or rain damage. My Cavco home is wonderfully strong. When I purchased it from Burks Mobil Home and Service and they installed it on my property, I could tell it was made strong to out last anything, even a category 4 hurricane. I love my home. I had other damage to my out building and lost them, and many trees, but my home was perfect. What a wonderful feeling knowing I made such a good decision in buying the Cavco home. I saw many other dealer's homes, but I am convinced mine is the best. I would not hesitate to recommend a Cavco home to anyone looking to purchase a manufactured home. Cavco Strong for Rockport Stong!"

--Suzy Citek

"...We are so appreciative of the support Cavco has given us and knowing that we made the right decision in buying a Cavco-built home...."

On August 26 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Rockport/Fulton, TX. The Thursday before, I had boarded the windows on our Cavco home. I left Rockport/Fulton and prayed for the town, the residents who stayed and our home. Harvey hit with 130 mph winds devastating Rockport/Fulton head on. My wife and I return to Rockport/Fulton 2 days after Harvey hit and saw firsthand homes crushed, our neighbor?s home gone, and Rockport/Fulton in total disarray. As we approached our home, we were in awe. There were fallen limbs, portions of wooden fences that weren't ours, and fallen trees all around our home. But our Cavco built home, had slight roof damage and a few of the vinyl siding missing. We found some of the siding wrapped around trees and under limbs a block from our home. Our home was still standing, the interior intact. We put up the few pieces of siding we found knowing we were going to have to replace the siding. We contacted Cavco in Seguin TX where our home had been built and were put in touch with material personnel. Unable to find the needed material to repair elsewhere, we felt blessed when "Gabe" at Cavco called and told us they had the siding and other materials we needed to repair our home. Blessed first in finding our Cavco home with little damage from a category 4, 130 mph hurricane, and blessed again when Cavco had what we needed. We are so appreciative of the support Cavco has given us and knowing that we made the right decision in buying a Cavco-built home.

--Mr & Mrs Alfred Silva

"...I am a very pleased with the overall construction of this home after 200 mile per hour wind gusts associated with a category 4 hurricane..."

My name is John Harmon and I own a 2017 Cavco home. I am a very pleased with the overall construction of this home after 200 mile per hour wind gusts associated with a cat 4 hurricane. I was very surprised, home had no damage other than minor roof damage due to fallen trees, loss of skirting and fencing. The Cavco home renamed in tact and absolutely no damage inside the home.

--John R. Harmon


"...The quality of a Cavco home impressed me..."

I own a 2017 Cavco home. When I returned back to Rockport after the Cat 4 Hurricane, I was surprised to see my home still standing with little damage. The quality of a Cavco home impressed me and am happy in knowing we live in a home that could face such a devastation.

--Hollie Tran